Denim coasters DIY

Denim coasters DIY / Recycled jeans tutorial

I am planning to make a rug using my old jeans I’ve kept over the years (like so many things I’m confident will become of use sooner or later… which means my home is packed with garbage stuff). Anyway, the idea is to give a try to patchwork, BUT I always prefer to start small. So I decided to make some denim coasters first…

I think they are actually pretty cool, even though I ended up using less than a half leg of the 12 pairs of jeans I can’t wait to get rid of…

So here’s the denim coasters DIY tutorial: first, you take one of your many jeans-to-be-recycled.

You then draw circles on them (I used a bowl, easier than a compass on fabric), and you cut them with a rotary cutter. You can use regular scissors, but I just bought myself a rotary cutter and it is just great. Anyway, once you have your denim circles, you take a nice thread in contrasting color and a needle, and you add a blanket stitch on the border.

And if, like me, you are not confortable with the blanket stitch, here is a tutorial: Blanket stitch tutorial

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