Cheung fun recipe

Cheung fun recipe

Here’s a dim sum that few restaurants serve, because you can’t prepare them in advance and the process is a bit long if you have other clients waiting… But they are so good, I needed to make them at home. So here’s the Cheung fun recipe, a perfect starter for 2:


What you need:

100 g of fresh shrimps (works with frozen ones but the taste is not as perfect)
spring onions (I freeze mine, see my post in the Recipes category)
clear soy sauce (the regular soy sauce is way too salty)
sesame oil

50 g rice flour
10 g potato starch
10 g cornstarch
120 ml water
You mix the different flour/starch, and you add water slowly in order to get a real liquid paste.

You oil a flat plate (I use a small square one from Muji, it’s the perfect size for the crepe), pour a bit of paste, and steam for 5 minutes .
You let it cool then remove the paste delicately. You repeat those steps until you finish the paste. You put some shrimps on each crepe, and some minced spring onions, and roll them.
You put all the rolled crepes on a plate, and steam them for 4 more minutes. Once cooked, you cut the crepes and pour a bit of soy sauce and sesame oil on it.

Bon appétit!

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