peter pan collar crochet col claudine

Crochet: Peter pan collar

This is a simple crochet tutorial to make a Peter pan collar and add a feminine touch to any top. I looked for a free pattern on the web and found many beautiful ones, but since I’m not a crochet expert, the explanations were generally acting as a deterrent…  I ended up choosing a model on Ravelry with basic and reassuring single crochet, perfect for the beginner that I am. You can download the pattern for free here:Peter Pan collar.

Then, driven by the simplicity of the work, I decided I was ready for a new challenge, and after a few rows, I switched for the arcade stitch , beautifully explained on the Wool & the Gang website.

And the result of such experiments in crocheting is surprisingly ok:

peter pan collar crochet col claudine zoom
peter pan collar crochet col claudine zoom
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