Kids play tent DIY

Kids play tent DIY

I made this tent for my nephew and niece for Christmas, and they are just crazy about it! And their parents too since the tent is foldable and can be put aside along the bedroom wall when unused… So here’s the kids play tent DIY, you can easily make it in an afternoon, as long as you have all the material needed, here’s the list:

  • 4 wood battens of  2 m long
  • 8 angle brackets,  5 x 5 cm with screws
  • 1 continuous hinge with screws (ideally 1 m)
  • a wall stapler
  • fabric

1st step: we make 2 identical frames, 1m x 1 m

It is easier if your wood battens are square, mine were 2 cm x 2cm, so that when you make the frame you don’t need to think about how to position them…

You cut out 4 pieces of wood of 1 m and 4 pieces of 96 cm (if your battens are  2 x 2 cm, otherwise you adapt following the drawing below), and you make the frame by screwing an angle bracket in each corner:

tent frame
tent frame

2d step: you attach the 2 frames together using your continuous hinge :

Capture d’écran 2016-01-03 à 11.42.29

You now have this in your living room…

Capture d’écran 2016-01-03 à 11.45.19


3d step:  you staple the fabric on the finished frame of the tent, this means you need a piece of L 2,1 m x W 1 m.

You should count a bit more fabric if it frays at the edges, you will need to oversew them. Same thing if you want to cut out a small window like me. I’m quite hopeless at sewing, so I guess you could do way better than me here 😉

Finally, since we want the tent to keep its tent shape when opened (and not open up entirely), we need to pass a yarn needle with a nice thread through both fabric panels, at 20/25 cm from the top, on each side.

You can call the kids!

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